Lotader® reactive terpolymers combine the benefits of a flexible polyethylene resin (ease of processability, thermal & chemical stability) and the reactivity necessary to bring adhesion in multilayer films or compatibility with engineering plastics (PA, PET, PBT, PPS). Lotader® resins are available with two types of reactive groups: maleic anhydride (MAH) or epoxide (GMA: glycidyl methacrylate). They are used in a wide variety of applications.

Packaging: Extrudable tie layer for Extrusion coating and Lamination

Due to its anhydride reactivity, Lotader® resins bonds to metallized films, aluminum foils and plastics films. The latest generation of Lotader® MAH tie layers have been designed to bond to the most difficult substrates such as reverse printed films without the need of any primer. Lotader® 4613 is a brand new tie layer able to bond at higher line speed and lower extrusion temperatures.

Compounds: Impact modification of engineering thermoplatics

Due to their low flex modulus and high reactivity, Lotader® terpolymers are widely used as an impact modifier for the engineering of polymers such as polyamides (PA), polyesters (PET, PBT, PCT) and polyphenylene sulfones (PPS). Their key advantage is the ease to compound them into engineering.

Energy&construction: coupling agents of HFFR compounds

Lotader® MAH are used as coupling agents in zero-halogen flame retardant compounds. They can be used in polyolefins-based compounds (PE, EVA, EMA) filled with both aluminum trihydrates (ATH) and magnesiun dihydroxydes (MgOH). Lotader® MAH terpolymers bring outstanding water aging resistance.

Construction: Bitumen modification

Lotader® GMA terpolymers can be dispersed easily into asphalts to improve the rutting resistance of bitumen and increase the lifetime of roads submitted to the most difficult conditions

Main Properties: Adhesion to metallic and plastic surfaces, easy processing, thermal stability, compatibility with engineering plastics.

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